The Best of All For Your Cat-Acana Cat Food


Acana cat food is manufacture by Champion Pet foods .The Company is based near Kentucky, Canada.  The Acana cat food does not come in wide variety rather it manufactures selected varieties of cat food. As per the product portfolio, the company has four different brands for its cat food product lines. They are

  • Meadowland
  • Grassland
  • Wild Atlantic
  • Appalachian Ranch


The Meadowland brand of the cat food is made of deboned chicken, deboned turkey, chicken and turkey giblets, whole green peas, red lentils, pinto beans and chicken fats. The ingredients are designed for the Meadowland product line by keeping cats nutritional needs in mind. The meat in the in the ingredients’ list is a source of proteins. The giblets have higher contents of good fats and proteins. The other ingredients are source of gluten free carbohydrates.Give half cup of meadowland Acana cat food in two portions, if the cat is adult. For feeding the lactating or pregnant cats, double the quantity.


Acana Grassland cat food is one of the best sellers in the market. It is made up of ingredients like lamb meat, duck meat, fish meat and eggs. These ingredients increase the protein content in the cat food. Other ingredients include, fruits and vegetables; organic sea vegetables and botanicals. These ingredients help in improving the metabolism of a cat.While this cat food product line brand is grain free and easy to digest, it may make the cat over weight due to the presence of duck fat.

Acana cat food

Wild Atlantic:

Just like the grassland cat food product line brand, Wild Atlantic contains fish as the main ingredient which provides sufficient proteins to cats. It also includes vegetables and fruits. This cat food brand has higher nutritional value of proteins as compare to carbohydrates. Vegetables also help in increasing the immunity in cats. It helps keep the cat happy, healthy and strong.

Appalachian Ranch:

Appalachian Ranch is also a dry cat food brand of Acana cat food product line. The primary ingrediebt in this cat food brand is meat. It is made of five different forms of meat including beef, pork, lamb, bison and cat fish. Understanding nutritional needs of cats, this cat food also rich in proteins and lower in carbohydrates. The good fats increase the metabolism of a cat.

For all the Acana cat food brands, the company specially took care of carbohydrates ratio in the ingredients. This is because, although carbohydrates are source of energy but it make cats obese and diabetic.

The purpose of higher protein percentage is due to its health benefits to cats. The proteins are good for maintain healthy weight and provide necessary energy and nutrition to your cats. The proteins derived from different forms of meat eliminate the need of additives in the cat food.

The Acana cat food brands are good, healthy and economical. They are available all over the world. If the cat owners don’t find them nearby, they can buy from different online pet and pet food stores.