Cause and Treatment of Kidney Failure in Dogs


When your dog is moving towards his senior years of age, he may face the problem of kidney failure. That problem may be either acute or in chronic from. When you look at the symptoms of kidney failure in dogs, there are not much, and you can only comprehend that the dog is not feeling right. Both the types of this disease depend on the cause from which it happened. There may be different causes of the kidney failure in your dog. You have to analyze the symptoms keenly to make the right diagnosis and perform required actions on time.

Cause of kidney failure in dogs:

There can be different reasons contributing to the problem of the kidney in a dog. First of all, it happens because of the aging factor. Then any kind of viral, bacterial or fungal infection may lead to the problems with the kidney. Sometimes cancer also causes problems in kidney, and it should be treated right away. There can be some kind of inflammation in the kidney which makes it cause problems with the usual functioning of kidney. If your dog is taking some kind of medication, there can be some kind of toxic reaction occurring in the body which leads toward the failure of kidney functionality.

kidney failure in dogs

Symptoms through which you can detect kidney failure:

As your dog cannot tell you at what place he is feeling pain or problem, you have to look for certain obvious symptoms which make it easy to know that whether your dog is having a kidney problem or not. The most common way is to analyze the urine of your dog. If the amount of urine has increased and it is also showing blood, then this is an obvious sign of kidney problem. Your dog will experience continuous weight loss, diarrhea issue, lethargy, and vomiting. The appetite of your dog decreased, and his water consumption increases. Through these signs, it becomes easy for you to understand that something is going on with your dog internally.

Treatment of kidney failure in dogs:

The treatment depends on the amount of damage that has taken place in the kidney of the dog. If he has an acute renal failure, you can go for the treatments like fluid therapy, healing through nutrition or other treatments recommended by your doctor. In the fluid therapy, the dog is dehydrated for almost 2 to 10 hours, and then maintenance of normal hydration is done. Then with the tests, you can analyze the benefit it is providing to your dog. In the case of nutrition, you provide healthy food to your dog especially small meals is necessary. Likewise, in the acute renal failure, the treatments of fluid therapy, diet, fatty acids, vitamins, and electrolytes is carried out with different intensity.

So, with taking right care, you can treat kidney failure in dogs. It is best to consult with the doctor right away when you realize that the problem might be linked to kidney failure.