Some Common Dog Food Allergy Symptoms


It is very common that most of the dogs suffer from allergy because they have a weak immune system which believes that some specific type of food that is given to him is harmful. His immune system immediately responds to the antibodies present in the body and develops some serious Dog food allergy symptoms.

What Symptoms the Dog can Develop:
There are many dog food allergy symptoms that are observed randomly. It can include itching, poor coat quality, an ear infection that can be chronic, paw biting, and licking excessively. Some other allergy symptoms that are common to human allergy symptoms are skin rash, vomiting, hives, chronic gas, itching, itchiness in the front area, and sometimes nausea. It is very important that if you observe any of the mentioned symptoms in your dog then ask your vet immediately just to confirm that these are really dog food allergy symptoms or not. If your dog is more exposed to the allergens then he will develop more severe symptoms. All these symptoms can be dangerous for his life in worst conditions. If they continue to take that food even they can die.
Dog Food Allergy Symptoms

Food Items that cause Allergy:
It can be a specific food item through which your dog can get allergy. Some types of meat and grains are there that can probably cause allergy in the dog. These items can be dairy products, lamb meat, eggs, beef soy, corn, wheat, rabbit meat, fish, beef, and Chicken. If you feel that your dog is allergic to one of these specific items then he can develop an allergy from rest of the food items as well.

The Elimination Diet for Dog:
To avoid such dog food allergy symptoms your vet will suggest elimination diet for him. In this case, you have to feed your dog with only one or two food items and it can be Turkey in ground form and sweet potatoes. Once you observe that your dog is not showing any allergy symptom then you can take the food challenge. You start adding some more food items in his diet until he shows some allergic symptoms. In this way, you will be able to specify the particular food that is the main cause of allergy in your dog. You can immediately stop giving this food item.
If you feel that the dog is still showing allergy symptoms even after stopping the food then it is not the food that is causing allergy. It can be any other allergen that can b present in the environment like medication, pollen allergy, or allergy develop by a specific fiber. Curing your dog of food allergy is not as difficult now as it was in past. There are a number of food items that are available. You can feed them on a wide variety of grains and protein based food. Your dog will not react with such diet given to him at all. It is extremely important to have some knowledge to keep your dog healthy happy and safe.