How Long Can a Cat Go Without Eating?


If you are the owner of a cat then you should must to take care of it. If you use your all the abilities to your cat to take care of it but it does not follow your chart. Then, what are you doing at that time? This may cause you to worry and wonder; how long your cat survives without food? Many signs show that there is not something right in human body same is the case here with cats. This condition can have many different causes and we are going to go through all over of it.

Stay Calm, Cats Sometimes Do That:

So, you all know that pets are a very complex personality, they stop eating food for a number of reasons but you cannot say that they all the cause for concern. Understanding the trivial things is not complex but it is very important to stay calm at that time when you do anything at that time.

So, How Long Can Cats Go Without Eating?

For a pet or any other animal it is necessary to give good food of them to live and function properly. This means that a cat has feed regularly. She also needs to drink water. You all the cat lovers well aware that thing a cat gets most of her water from their food she eats. You might want to keep tabs of your cat’s intake, and if you notice that your cat cannot eat food that you give to her you must ensure that your cat is eating elsewhere. And if she does not eat elsewhere then time to check that she is drinking water or not. One thing you must to know that a cat can survive up to without food is two weeks only if she only drinks water but if she is not eating and also cannot drink water then a cat can live only few days. And also remember that not eating for a day or two it will be a permanent damage to your cat that will associate with her whole life.

How Long Can a Cat Go Without Wating

If your cat is regularly not eating nor drinking for 24 to 36 hours then you should immediately call to vet for checkup. One major difference between if your cat is not eating or if your cat is not drinking then it will damage to their internal organs. Any animal that is not eating for many days then it will absolutely affect their daily life functions and also their nutrition’s but if they eat regular they can easily go back to their old routine. We all well aware this fact that water is life. So, if any animal that does not drink water for many days then this will damage not only their internal organs but also the physical activities of their life. Water is important for the function of all the parts of a body. Dehydration damages the kidneys, livers and all internal organs in body. Lack of water permanently can damage these functions and eventually these facts become the reason of death. In case when there is no food or water the first thing that will most affective is liver and kidney and the first to shut out the stomach. The last thing is heart and then the brain. If your pet does not eat or drink then the irrepair able damage to the body of your cat.

What to Do if Your Cat Stops Eating?

Bringing your cat to the vet is the first thing you need to do. Vet knows the sensitivity of your cat condition then he/she must treat it like an emergency patient and first thing they do to provide the rehydrate to your cat. After an initial examination, When they sure that your cat has not any injuries then they decide to admit your cat so they properly check your cat. Sometimes vet is not available, so you have yourself to check your cat and find the ways that she drinks water and she is eating food. Using a dropper, you can feed her water in regular intervals. You can also give her much-needed nutrients by feeding her soft foods. What are you pet favorite food? Tuna? Biscuits? These are not solid meal but these are very helpful to restore the health of their pet and your pet eats them at regular intervals. You can even try giving her tuna water. it seems to work in rehydrating a cat without food.

Possible Reasons Why Your Cat Refuses to Eat:

A cat is a very complex animal and it is very common in every cat’s owner that my pet is not eating. My pet is neither drinking water nor milk. There are many possible reasons that your cat is refusing to food. One reason that is earlier mentioned is sick or health problems. Might be possible that your cat is hurt. This can be anything from an injury to a simple case of indigestion. The other reason that your cat is not eating is a symptom of diabetes. Some cats even experience what’s called feline depression. Whatever it is, only a vet can tell for sure. If your cat does not appetite at all then you must know the reason why she is acting like that?  There are some things that you must to do if she is not eating. First of all, you can change her cat food and giving to her another brand of cat food. The one thing is that she wants to change the scenery so you have to do so. And you must do those things that giving her motivation. There are a lot of cat food products available in the market. So, you must introduce almost all of cat food to your cat that likes her most. ​It may require some trial and error, and let me just warn you, it might take some time. Moreover, you give time to your cat that she is well aware from new environment and also new owner and aware her about the new flavors. It is also worth noting that the food you give to your cat from a long time that dulled your cat’s flavor. So, you must to try another brand food or another taste food that your cat is not aware off.

Other Health Threats to Worry about If Your Cat Does not eat:

One of the serious threat diseases is fatty liver disease or hepatic lipidosis (HL). It is done with when water in the cat body is not enough it must be suspected that she is survive with hepatic lipidosis. A larger or fatter cat would be more prone to it, as the body loses weight, the first to go would be fat and liver fat would not be affected. This may cause to the imbalance to the body and this is the start of hepatic lipidosis but this disease is confirmed only by a vet. There are many reasons that your cat do not eat. It could be because of depression and variety of food or your cat is looking for new food elsewhere. But if your pet is successful in its search and finds a new food and also don’t want to food it then this is the right time to check it by a vet. Another reason if your cat do not eat food is that she is affected with diabetes, liver problem or many internal body problems but this can only be confirmed by a vet. The important thing is that that you take very much care of your pets and make very responsible and sensitive about the little things of your cats. The sooner you spot the symptoms in your cat’s body, earlier you better give treatment to your pets and as a result your cat feels better as much as earlier.

But another reason is that your cat is not eating yet, the reason is that if you feed dry food to your cat that will cause teeth problems in your cat. Because some of them have old cats and they feel pain when they eat dry food. So, it must take care that you should not give dry food to your cat. If your cat is taking some medicine or being vaccinated, and after her treatment she does not take interest in food then you must gave time to her that she is well aware again by her surroundings.


If you left your cat alone in home for few days, and you forgot to feed her. Then that is the time of really worrying about her and you also want to check her that how many days she is living without food. Or sometimes it is also seeing that your cat is not eating by some health problems and you are worry about her. And she is not eating for many days then this is the right time to check her by a vet and give her medicine as soon as possible and your cat will be living a happy and peaceful life after few days.


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