All You Should know About Limited Ingredient Dog Food


There are many reasons behind feeding your dog with Limited ingredient dog food.  Some dogs are specific to this diet because they have the intolerance for food and they also develop some food allergies. The owners in this way can choose the food for them that has some limited ingredients in order to avoid such food allergies.

Meaning of “Limited Ingredient”
If you ask the question from your vet that what is meant by limited ingredient dog food? Then he will simply answer that this food consists of only one carbohydrate and one protein. These food items are not eaten up by your dog before because the only purpose of this limited ingredient diet is to know exactly about the allergens. We can take an example that with the recommendations of your vet you can start a trial for your dog.
Your dog will stop eating the diet that is causing allergy and he will jut take one carb and one protein. This protein can be exotic and novel so your dog will not be reactant to it. You can introduce one protein in your dog’s food until the shows reactions to it. So after some weeks with the same diet if your dog is not showing any allergy symptom then he will suggest adding some more food items in his diet just to see his reaction. It is the best way to determine the food allergens for dogs. You only can start it with Limited ingredient dog food.

Limited Ingredient Dog Food

Limited Ingredient Dog Food in the Market:
For different companies “limited ingredient” food meaning is different. If you notice a many ingredient food labels then you will observe that they will also mention such food items that are regular dog food items. You will not observe “limited” about them. These foods sometimes contain one protein and sometimes more than one. Like they can have the duck as the main source of protein and they will also add some other protein sources as well but on the label, they will just mention meat protein. This can include meat from any source.
It is not very usual for a dog food industry to add vitamin and mineral in Limited ingredient dog food. Some companies include botanicals like herbs, some flower parts, and berries. Some fermentation items are also the part of their food. Some companies add peas in their food as a main source of carbohydrates but it is very difficult for a dog to digest peas as some dogs have digestive issues. If you are giving limited ingredient dog food to your dog in order to identify the food allergen then it is better to avoid such food items containing peas in them. It can cause serious problems for your dog.

Some Tips:
It is really very important to read the label carefully. Read the nutrients analysis and choose carefully the food that is best for your dog. In this way, you can keep your dog healthy and happy.