What is The Best Low Sodium Dog Food


Just like human beings, animals also suffer from various ailments and diseases. Whether it is flu or cancer, animals, especially dogs are prone to get affected by them due to various reasons. Fortunately, with the advancement in technology and various studies, scientists have been successful in determining how to treat a dog with a certain type of illness. Low sodium dog food is considered to be one of the safest options for your canine fellow especially when he has got cardiac issues.The reason why it is important to give a low sodium diet to a dog with cardiac issues is because the amount of sodium which he should excrete from his body to live a healthy life reduces a lot. This is why the sodium level keeps increasing which not only damages the heart and its functioning but other organs, like the kidneys, as well. Moreover, uncontrolled intake of sodium can also lead to a condition known as CHF or Congestive Heart Failure, which ultimately causes death.

best Low Sodium Dog Food

How Can We Get Low Sodium Dog Food:
Looking after your canine friend can be a tough job especially when he has got certain health issues. Once your vet has established that your dog needs to go on a low sodium diet, then you have to be really adamant about giving him only that. Luckily, you do not have to go through a lot of trials and tribulations for obtaining low sodium food, as it is easily available in super markets. If your doctor has recommended a specific brand for your dog, then make sure that you buy that only. In case you do not find low sodium dog food near you, then you can always order on the Amazon.

Canned or Dry Low Sodium Dog Food:
Since there are two versions, canned and dry, of dog food available in the market, it can always cause a big confusion at times. While both versions may serve the same purpose, however both are different in their nutritional values. There are also different flavors available in both canned and dry versions. Which one you purchase depends totally on the preference of your dog’s taste buds and what he actually likes. The good thing is that there are even separate versions of low sodium dog food available for both young and old dogs, depending upon the different nutritional requirements of their bodies.

Low Sodium Dog Food

Go For Grain Free Food:
If you buy ready made dog food, then it is recommended that you should start buying grain free food for your dog, as it is low in sodium content. On the other hand, dog foods containing grains are high in not just their sodium but phosphorous and minerals content as well. The too much presence of these elements in his food can lead to severe heart problems and can cause the kidneys to malfunction as well.
Low sodium dog food is really necessary for a dog which is suffering from different heart related issues. This type of food aids in stopping the likelihood of further deterring of your dog’s health in the long run.