Is Organix Food Better for My Dog?


Whether you are using organic or commercial food, you are well familiar with what role a diet plays in the overall health of a dog. Being the owner of a dog, your first concern is to feed your dog well with the best available. So, while choosing the food the first question which comes in mind is whether organic food is better for my dog or not? One of the top available choices is organix dog food. As the name suggests, the basic purpose of organix food is to use organic materials. In order to carry USDA 100% organic seal, a product should contain 100% organic ingredients. A product which carries less than 95% organic ingredients cannot carry the USDA. So, the manufacturer is moving towards increasing the organic ingredients in their products.organix dog food

How Organix Food is better than others?

  • Ingredients:

The main ingredients of organic food are chicken, chicken meal, organic brown rice, organic peas, and organic millet. Chicken and chicken meals are the most important sources of protein. The other additional ingredients are organic oats, quinoa, chicken fat, dried egg and organic flaxseed. Organic brown rice, organic oats, and organic peas are main sources of fiber. Millet is a source of essential amino acids. Quinoa and dried eggs are other sources of protein. Chondroitin sulfate is also added for joints. Organic vegetables and fruits are sources of vitamins and minerals. As the name shows most of the ingredients are organic.

  • Some Extraordinary benefits:

Like other living creatures, dogs can also suffer from many ailments if no proper food or balanced ingredients are provided. There are many benefits of organic food. It helps to reduce skin ailments and allergies. Many dogs suffer from skin disease and you use different skin ointments, creams but all in vain. In these cases, organic food may help you to fix the problem. Because conventional foods may use different kinds of pesticides for their growth, which can be a reason of skin allergy. It can be a better treatment for the dogs having stomach disease because it is an easily digestible food. Because Conventional food developers uses chemicals and pesticides, but less organic ingredients. Organic ingredients are easily digestible.

Another key factor is because it is digestible food, dogs absorbs more rather than eliminate more of the nutrients they requires for the healthy immune system. Quality of food affects the quality of life of your dog as well. He or she looks more attractive, shiny and luxurious.

Important Features to Consider for the Selection of Organix Food:

When buying Organix food for the dog, it should also be kept in mind that all the organic foods are not created equal. One should still consider a few features when selecting the best organic food.  Natural food always does not mean organic. Natural food means that grown naturally not artificially. But it can may include using a different kind of Food ingredients or toxic chemicals feed to buffalo and cows to increase the product of meat. But organic means the source is as pure as the product. Must read the contents label on the product before purchasing it. There are different products of Organix food available for the puppies, senior dogs, and small breeds and over weighted dogs. For example organic chicken and oatmeal recipe, organic senior recipe, organic canned dog recipe, and organic small breed recipe, etc.

Researches and Surveys:

Although there is no scientific evidence showing that organic food is better than conventional food available however, organic feed is seemed to posses more nutrition than conventional ones. Three studies have shown that compared to conventional food organic food has:

  • More antioxidants
  • More Phosphorus
  • The higher amount of Omega-3 fatty acids

Moreover, organic product lie receives mostly positive feedback from the dog owners.

Cost Analysis:

No doubt, Organic food costs more than conventional ones. And one must have to consider his approach while buying food. But by using organic food you can provide your dog a healthy life; instead of spending money for medication one can use that money for safety. All there are many affordable organic pet foods and snacks are available. The increased prices of organic foods may be worth because it is environment friendly, but in some cases, it might be an added fee for a fancy label.

Final Thoughts:

Concluding, organic food is better than conventional food and other raw foods in one way or other. Because it promises more positive points than negative.  Now it’s up to you whether you are moving towards organic or not.  One thing should be kept in mind. Doesn’t your dog deserve the best food?


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