The Best Low Protein Dog Food


The intake protein is really important in dogs. According to a research, 25% of a dog’s daily diet should be made up of proteins only. However, there are certain instances in which many vets recommend the intake of low protein dog food. This recommendation is made in such instances where it is really important that the consumption of protein should be really low, so that your dog’s ailment can be cured as soon as possible.Low protein dog food is available from stores on prescription only. This is because such a major dietary change can be made in your Dog’s Life only under certain circumstances, and when it is totally unavoidable. Otherwise, giving your dog a low protein diet without any medical reason whatsoever, can lead to severe issues as well.

 the best Low Protein Dog Food

When is the Low Protein Dog Food Prescribed?

Low protein diet food can only be prescribed under really special circumstances. While it is a common perception that dogs should be switched to low protein food when they age, it is actually not true. Unless and until your dog has not got any certain health related issue, shifting him to a low protein diet is not recommended at all.

However, vets prescribe the intake of low protein diet food under the following circumstances:

  • When your dog has problems related to his urinary tract.
  • When there are stones in your dog’s kidney(s).
  • When your dog’s kidney has stopped functioning properly because of any disease due to the presence of a parasite. Lyme is an example of one such disease.
  • When your dog has got any chronic kidney disease.
  • When your dog suffers from kidney problems due to his genetics.
  • When your dog has got Glomerutonephritis.
  • When you dog suffers from a heart failure.

How Does Low Protein Dog Food Work?

While a healthy dog excretes all the harmful toxins which get accumulated inside his body, a dog with a problematic kidney tends to store all those toxins which further affect the kidneys in return. When your dog consumes any kind of protein, those toxins are saved inside its body causing more harm to him in return. By giving your dog a low protein food, you are actually making the level of those toxins in his body quite less, and thus helping him in overcoming a bad health in return.

What to do When Looking for Low Protein Dog Food

  • While your aim is to buy a low protein dog food, you should make sure that you buy a very high quality one for the sake of your dog’s good health.
  • Low protein dog food is available in both canned and dry variety. You can choose the option which suits you the best.
  • The amount of protein, no matter how small, should be easily available in the dog food.
  • Make sure that the dog food is free from chemical preservatives of any sort.
  • Make sure that the low protein dog food which you are buying is high in calcium and Vitamin D3 levels.