What Can I Feed My Dog Instead of Dog Food?


Many reasons that dog owners ask to themselves? How much should I feed to my dog? What can I feed my dog instead of dog food? Can my dog or pup feed vegetables, fruits or eggs? Which diet is suitable to my dog? There are lots of alternatives to feeding your dog commercial food. Most of us afraid to feed their dog’s human food because they think that human nutrition are toxic to the health of their dogs. Many of today generation dogs eat more human food than their dog food and they also enjoy it when they feed human food. Because you all know that human food is very healthy and tasty.

You can make a timetable for your dog if you want to feed their dog a healthy and balanced diet. It looks like hard because your dog takes time to feed another food instead of their daily food but it is not impossible. Just as we are required to eat a recommended amount of different nutrients over a period of time, so are dogs. Protein, fiber and fat intake all are equally ingredients that are very important for the health of your dog. Vitamins and minerals are also necessary for the better health of your dog. Now a day’s store-bought food are often made with cheap minerals and proteins that is lead to the deficiency of many health issues for your dog. So, it is very necessary to search for a balanced and healthy diet for your pup’s health. If you are making the food yourself at home you will have complete control over what your dog is eating.  So, it is better to prepare food for your dog at home if you want your dog spent a healthy life.

What Can I Feed My Dog Instead of Dog Food

Why You Might Need an Alternative for Dog Food

Sometimes your dog looks like a sad puppy because your dog is hungry and you immediately check your cabinet to feed something to your dog but your cabinet is out of dog food. In that situation, you cannot go outside for bought your dog food. Because it is not fun to search for food in last minute. But on the other hand, if you buy food from store in surely the last minute but it seems like a bargain and your dog does not want to touch it. Then what can you do in that time? If you do not want to spend money on your pup’s better food and you feed it that food that is full of additives, preservatives and low-grade meat then surely your dog will lack of nutrition and also your dog becomes sick or given him cancer.

The perfect alternative to commercial dog food is homemade meals made with real food that your dog can eat and enjoy both. So, if you want your dog or puppy enjoy a healthy life and become the happiest puppy in the world then you can surely feed those homemade meals and nutrition.

Here are some examples of homemade meals that you can prepare yourself at home for your dog. You already have most of those ingredients in home so you cannot go to store as an extra trip to buy that thing.

Boneless Cooked Meat:

We all know that dogs are omnivores it means they can eat both meat and plants. However, their digestive system is a better to treat with meat because it is such a great source of protein. Beef and chicken are also the best options. We all know that dogs love bones but you should not give your dog cooked bones. Because they are easily breakable and pose a critical threat to your dogs or pups. Bigger animal’s bones are no problem to feed for the dog but when cooking a meal, keep it in mind that all of the bones out. Especially, if you are cooking bird meat because it contains smaller bones and sometimes unfortunately that are stuck into your dog throat.

More you cook food on home for your pup the more healthy meal you prepare for it. Add up all the healthy ingredients in the meal obviously and your dog will really enjoy that meal. Boiled chicken with no seasoning has also a very good option for the health of your dog. Turkey is also the best option for dogs the thing is that turkey is must be plan and unseasoned. Before use turkey remove fat it first. Because too much fat can cause pancreases issues in dogs.


Some vegetables like garlic and tomatoes should only be given to dogs in a small amount. They are not life-threatening but you all know very well that excess of everything is bad. Other vegetables like potatoes, Green veggies, and carrots all are great. Both raw and cooked. Carrots are very helpful and tasty for dogs because dogs chewing them and these chewing carrots reduce all the disease of your dog or pups teeth. These vegetables are good for dog’s health but do not overdo it because an excess of those vegetables can lead to constipation.

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Dogs become mad for apples. Apples contain all the vitamins and apples reduce all the vitamins deficiency level in dogs so apples are too good for the better health of dogs. Mango and bananas are also best. Orange is also the fruit that is very much liked by the dogs. That fruits which contain natural sugars are best for dogs because they help to fill the deficiency of vitamins and nutrients in the dogs. Now talk about the avocados, grapes and lemon. You can never give avocados to their dog or pup’s because it contain a toxin and it is very dangerous for the health of your dog. Limes and grapes are not dangerous enough but if you give that to your dog they can cause vomiting and diarrhea in dogs that are also serious issues for dogs.


We all are very aware of this fact that eggs are extremely healthy for both humans and dogs. The white part of egg provides your dog a lot of protein and yolk also give natural fat and cholesterol to dogs and humans. Consuming good quality fat is very healthy for your dog on the daily basis. Some humans boil the eggs and remove the shell. Make sure to cook the eggs so the yolk is hard as uncooked egg whites can cause mild diarrhea in some dogs.


Fish is also the natural creature that is very healthy for the both humans and dogs. It contains all the fats, vitamins and nutrients that are very essential to your dog and puppy health. Fish also contain most protein in its body. Salmon and tuna are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which can help the dog’s immune system coat, skinny and healthy. The B vitamins in shrimp can also strong the immune system maintains a healthy and stronger digestive system and promotes blood’s circulation. It is very important to cook fish before feed it to dog because uncooked fish can contain harmful sponges.

Peanut butter:

Unsalted butter with no sugar or sweetens are safer for the health of dogs. Peanut butter contains Vitamin E and B, and also healthful fats and proteins. When you bought it, you are sure that it cannot contain any sugar or sweetens because sometimes it contains a sweetener called xylitol, which is highly toxic to dogs. If anyone suspects that their dogs has affected with xylitol then should immediately contact a veterinarian or call an Animal poison control center.

Plain popcorn:

Plain popcorn, without salt, butter, or sugar, can be a nutritional treat for dogs. Popcorn contains very essential minerals magnesium, phosphorus and zinc they are all very good for keeping dogs healthy. It must be sure that your dog cannot eat unpopped popcorn kernels as this could lead them to choke.

Which foods can harm dogs?

Some food that are perfect for human but that food also contains serious threat on the health of dogs. If you suspects that your dog is eating something poisonous then immediately call veterinarian or Animal control center. Always avoid giving them to dog:


Cherry pits contain cyanide that is poisonous for dog’s health. It can create be a choking hazard or the intensity system to your dog if a dog swallows them.

Chocolate, coffee, and caffeine:

Never give chocolate, coffee and caffeine to your dog. Actually, these products contain Toxic chemicals like methylxanthines which are highly toxic to the health for dogs. These can cause vomiting; abnormal heart rate and sometimes it lead toward death of dogs. Chocolate treats are available in market but these contain special substitute that is safe for eat.

Also many of foods that are eat by humans but not for dogs these are citrus fruits, grapes, avocados, nuts, coconut products, Ice cream, onion, garlic and chives. Raw eggs, salty foods undercooked meat are also not suitable for dogs eating.


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